About us

A few words about us…

We – Christine and Gerhard – are together since 1993. We met at university and it was love at first sight. 

We shared our love for music, philosophy – finding out what life’s all about – and were very adventurous. We travelled to many different countries and lived in Japan, Spain and India for some time. 

Our passion for ancient wisdom, Yoga and the mystery of human potential brought us to India in 2002, where we stayed all together for about 7 years.

Since 2010 we are back in Austria, being creative with the gifts we received in our lives and want to share them with others. 

Personally what’s most important to us is our relationship. It fulfills us, makes us grow, teaches us about love and brings us closer and closer to the feeling, the consciousness of oneness of all people and the divine. 

We experienced a lot together, are the biggest supporters and masters for each other and help each other to recognize and realize our individual life task. 

We wish from our hearts to be able to share some of our blessings with you and enrich each other’s lives.

Christine and Gerhard

Live your Life seminar series

Since summer 2013 I am offering my self-created seminars to help people to get in their own power, happiness and contenment and finally to their self-mastery. It´s about the big questions of life, self realization and awareness, and handling of (self-crea...
Live your Life seminar series