Soul-Poetry meets country girl, that’s the best way to describe Christine’s music. Growing up in the midst of the Austrian mountains, she’s the down-to-earth girl from next door with the deep experiences of a lifelong spiritual journey and many years living in countries like India, Japan and Spain. Her lyrics are very personal but at the same time concern people from all generations and reflect the search for answers to the big questions of life, like: Why am I here? What’s life all about? Her voice and tunes have a way of comforting the hearts of the listeners. Her music makes you feel good, even if your life is not full of sunshine at the moment. 

“I started singing before I could even talk properly (yes, there are recordings to prove that :) ) and writing songs has always been my way of expressing myself. But somewhere along the way my search for the design/designer of life took all my focus and my passion music got lost somewhere on my to-do-list. So I spent my years at university reading a lot of books - no, not about my major sociology but - about or from people who claim they have found ‘it’. The next episode of my search for the truth brought me to India, from where I returned home after many years and a few steps on my soul and musical path later - with 3 CDs in my suitcase – the first 2 recorded under impossible conditions in tiny rooms in India. I had realized that probably no one could give me what I was looking for, but that music is definitely the second biggest love in my life (right after my angel husband). So a whole new chapter of my life began and singing/songwriting is a huge part of it. I rediscovered my roots in music and in my home country and my new CD Now’s the Time reflects this newfound approach to life. To my big surprise my songs were not as personal as I had thought, in fact a great deal of people can actually identify with my experiences. So my Martin-guitar and I keep on telling our tales of the road with great joy...”



Live your Life seminar series

Since summer 2013 I am offering my self-created seminars to help people to get in their own power, happiness and contenment and finally to their self-mastery. It´s about the big questions of life, self realization and awareness, and handling of (self-crea...
Live your Life seminar series