Concert in Brno September 2011

Yesterday we had our first concert in Brno in Czech Republik - in a small castle, a maison de plaisance of the noble family Mitrowsky. WOW!!! The ambience was unbelievably beautiful (see the pictures) and the sound was great thanks to Gerhard\'s audio engineering and the acoustics of the hall. It was truly a special evening. The organizers used the opportunity to sell self made cake and refreshments to collect money for a charity project (they are cooking for homeless people in Brno every week). 

We received so much help setting up and packing our equipment, got beautiful feedback and spent some hours with our friends after the concert. 

We all won this evening. Music brought together people of many different life situations and for a few hours we enjoyed the same energy, supported each other and planted the seeds for something new -more concerts and projects that will again benefit all participants and enriches our lives. 

And I was able to experience once again, how fulfilling it is to do what I\'ve always dreamed of. Jippieeehh...my life as a musician has begun! 

Guest Comment from Gerhard:
This was until now my most beautiful concert with Christine! She was completely in her element, energetically and with a musical performance. She obviously enjoyed it very much, enchanting her audience...

Big Thanks for the organization, mainly to Hanka, Lata and Peter, and to all our friends for being with us and supporting us so beautifully! :-)


Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016! You can already download the single ´I Saw the Light´ or order the whole Album in the presale, as a download or as a CD!Please support us with a Like on Christine´s Facebook page and also get a free Youtube abo. :) We also post regular updat...
Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!