Business Analysis

The Business Analysis offers companies and Teams many possibilities:

  1. It is an accurate and reliable tool to help with the selection process of personnel
  2. Human resource development: the Business Analysis shows where staff members are best placed so they can apply their talents every day, identify with what they are doing and therefore enjoy what they are doing. This increases their work effort and the quality of their work and ultimately helps the company through improving the efficiency, working atmosphere and productivity.
  3. In Teambuilding it can be a valuable tool to find the right balance and compatibility

What would happen, if every employee of a company would love their work and identify with their tasks? How would it influence the management, if every employee would love to come to work? Would it still be necessary to conduct regular quality inspections or worry about motivating the staff members?

A company is only as effective and productive as its personnel; a team only works efficiently if its members support and work with each other in the right way.

The Business Analysis can contribute invaluably to change the work environment in the business world and make it more harmonious, more effective and productive. Through the speaking voice it can determine talents, potentials, strenghts and weaknesses of employees, team-members and executive personnel in an objective manner and make it easier for companies to hire the right staff, reorganize or put the right teams together.

Price: € 360,- The result in the form of a written S.W.O.T.-analysis is mailed as Email or printout

For appointments or further information please write an Email to info@magstrasser.at or call 0699 81206833 (or 0680 2402550).

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