Energetic healing methods: Mantra and Yantra

Since 2002 I've been initiated into many powerful healing- and meditation-processes with ancient mantras and yantras in India* and had remarkable experiences through their powerful energetic effects. I now offer the most important techniques in individual sessions.         *by Sri Kaleshwar                    
Selfhealing and the increase of balance and wellbeing through mantras follows an ancient Indian tradition. The powerful effects of those mantras, which are nothing but vibration/sound, unfold directly in an energizing and relaxing way, but also in the long run as more clarity and self-assertion in life, which helps to change old patterns and dissolve unhealthy behaviors.


Mantras are formulas of prayer to connect with cosmic energy and activate our own power. I experienced and researched their amazingly powerful effects and got convinced that they are one of the strongest tools for (self-)healing on the planet. Healing always takes places through the person itself, I only help with clear consciousness and high energy so that the self healing process can be faster and leads to a very conscious, positive experience full of insights.
There are mantras for all different areas of life. The main focus lies on their effect on heart and soul and their big benefit for life in general. Let yourself be surprised by the wonderful opportunities which are provided to us as human beings!

Special energy processes which have proven to be highly effective
  • Energizing and balancing the main chakras in the body, which are responsible for health, inner balance and clarity.
  • Heart healing to open the heart to love and expand its energy, remove the blocks from the heart
  • Purification and energizing of the Womb chakra.(Details)
Details Schoß Chakra: Das Heilige Schoss Chakra ist eines unserer kraftvollsten Energiezentren. Unser positives und negatives Karma ist über all unsere Leben hinweg darin gespeichert. Es ist unsere Verbindung zu unserer Schöpfungskraft und wird unter anderem durch Beziehungen mit vielen verschiedenen Partnern geschwächt.

In 9 Sitzungen wird dieses Schöpfungs-Chakra wieder gestärkt und ungewollte karmische Verbindungen mit Menschen können aufgelöst werden. Dies stärkt und erweckt unsere Seelenkraft und bringt dadurch mehr inneren Frieden, Balance, Harmonie und baut starke Schutzkreise auf. Dadurch können auch unsere vergangenen Beziehungen und Herzbrüche heilen und wir sind bereit für neue, erfüllende und gesunde Partnerschaften.
The holy womb chakra is one of our most powerful energy-centers. Our positive and negative Karma of all our lives is stored there. It's our connection to the universal creative force and it is weakened through sexual relationships with various partners. 9 sessions (of 9 minutes with 24hours minimum gap) will strengthen this chakra and disconnect unwanted karmic connections to our former partners. This strengthens and awakens our soul-energy,  brings more inner peace, balance, harmony in our lives and creates strong protection circles against illusions. Through that we can also heal our past relationships and heart-breaks, and illnesses connected with these heartbreaks, and we are ready for a new, fulfilling and healthy relationships.
Yantra - soul diagrams, energy symbols   Yantras are energy symbols, which bundle cosmic energy and therefore bless the souls around them continuously.
I am happy to draw these yantras (on copper or silver) for you, your family and friends. The most important are:
  • Jesus-Christ Yantra: highest protection for the whole house, no negative energy, no unredeemed souls can stay there. (It is activated through a special fire ceremony.)
  • Sri Chakra Yantra: the creation yantra of Mother Divine fulfills soul- and heart wishes and brings abundance on all levels. (It is activated through a special meditation.)
  • Womb Chakra Yantra: balances the womb Chakra and therefore brings health and balance, also very recommendable for teenagers (it is activated through a special fire ceremony).

The Yantras are made and blessed for every person individually. 


Jesus-Christ Yantra: 350€ 

Sri Chakra Yantra:   250€ 

Womb-Chakra Yantra (Creation chakra): 99€ (Family or group: 54€ p.P.)  


Distance healing / Distance transmission For energy there is no time and space, the energy of love exists beyond everything else.

  • Activate your selfhealing capacity through a powerful distance transmission (30 minutes)
  • You can also order an energy transmission for the next firepuja by simply sending me your wishes per Email :-)

In a personal conversation we find out, which of these possibilities are most helpful to you.
Gerhard: info@magstrasser.at, 069981206833 

Energetic-compensation: donation :-)

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