Energy Coach & Spiritual Companion

As your personal energy coach the following topics are important to me
  • Balance for heart & soul
  • inner peace
  • getting into your power
  • living your soul-purpose
  • your self-mastery
  • and connected to that a profound understanding of your own life...
  • relationships
If you are looking for new perspectives or ideas for these areas of your life and if you want to put them into practice, then you've found the right person. I am straightforward at sharing my experiences, insights and ideas, but in a way which is helpful and understandable for you personally.

No matter if you are a public or private person, if you are looking for personal or professional clarity, if you are employed or if you are the head of a big company .... together we get to the point of your topic and every meeting brings noticeable changes in your life; I definitely support you in taking your life into your own hands, to take self-responsibility and experience the joy of being the creator of your own life and fortune.

Contact: Gerhard: info@magstrasser.at, 069981206833

Spiritual Coach
If you really want to understand life and become your own master, then  - Hats off!, you must have quite an inner strength and be very mature, since this is surely one of the biggest self-assigned endeavors a person can take on. As I am on this task since I am 17 and now already have more than 20 years of experience with it, I'd like to exchange insights with you.

Inner mastery requires a different way of dealing with oneself and others; truthfulness patience and love with oneself and authenticity, diplomacy and acceptance towards your fellow human beings and life itself...

If you are genuinely interested, I offer you to be your spiritual companion for a while and to support you in getting closer to your own mastery.

Contact: Gerhard: info@magstrasser.at, 069981206833  

Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft

Wir haben einen gemeinnützigen Verein gegründet - Verein für Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft - der viel Positives bewirken soll und auch Euch viele Möglichkeiten bieten wird.   Er soll uns unsere Arbeit für die Menschen erleichtern und Größeres ermöglichen.   ...
Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft