My personal approach

I love to sing since I am a small child (find my own CDs under the button “Music) and was always fascinated by special voices and the deep effect music and sound has on me. 

During many years in India, where I studied ancient healing systems together with my husband, I also learned about music and singing and how healing it can be. I became even more interested in sound, music and the role of the voice. 

Back in Austria a nice “coincidence” brought me to NadaBrahma-Voice Analysis while I was working on a new CD. 

The training to become a voice analyst has deepened my understanding about the effects of sound and the special role our voice plays. I was fascinated by the accuracy of determining a person’s talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses through the speaking voice. Knowing my own fundamental tone is great and helps me to live my full potential. I am convinced that the Voice Analysis and the exercise with the fundamental tone are great tools to help people get more clarity, inner strength and harmony...

Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft

Wir haben einen gemeinnützigen Verein gegründet - Verein für Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft - der viel Positives bewirken soll und auch Euch viele Möglichkeiten bieten wird.   Er soll uns unsere Arbeit für die Menschen erleichtern und Größeres ermöglichen.   ...
Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft