Vaastu - Seminars and Public Talks

Vaastu - the Vedic science of architecture

How the right design of my home and workplace can bring success, harmony, health and prosperity into my life

How are the relationships in my life? How stable is my health? Am I successful in realizing my goals? Am I happy? How is my financial situation? However the answers to these questions are - the reason lies up to 50% in the places we live and work in.

The creation is made of the Five Elements earth, fire, sky (or space), water and air. They have nourishing, supporting but also destructive qualities and they influence our lives constantly - with our without our notice. Vaastu is the ancient Indian science which explains us how to build and design our houses and apartments to bring only the positive qualities of the elements into our lives.

In our workshops we teach the basic principles, which are necessary to understand Vaastu and the main influences of the elements to be able to analyze your home and life situation and change it in a positive way.

The following topics are covered in the workshops:  
  • Basic knowledge about the principles of Vaastu
  • The significance of the 5 elements for our lives
  • Various influences of buildings and places on our lives
  • Positive and negative Vaastu-features
  • How to change small Vaastu defects
  • Which defects should be changed quickly
  • How strongly the elements and therefore Vaastu influence our lives
  • What to consider when building a new house

This knowledge is valuable for everyone and especially interesting for those who are planning to build a house, are looking for a new place to live or work as architects, building engineers, room or garden designers etc.

In our lectures we give insights into the basic principles of Vaastu and teach a few easy-to-apply methods to improve the Vaastu of your house or apartment.

One-day-workshop: 10 am - 6 pm with lunchbreak: € 100,-
Weekend-Workshop: 2 pm - 6 pm and 10 am - 5 pm with lunchbreak: 175 €

(Each participant can bring their own house- or property plans. If there are less than 3 participants the workshop will last shorter (for the same prize) because there won't be as many personal details to talk about and there is more time to focus on each person.

For questions or if you would like to organize a lecture or workshop yourself, please send an Email with the subject "Vaastu" to info@magstrasser.at or call +43 699 81206833

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Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft