Singing - discover your own voice

Singing is wonderful; it makes the soul vibrate and it is an essential part of human life – a way of self healing and seeing oneself in a new light. Many people like to sing, but many are prevented from singing by fears and self doubts. Sometimes one embarrassing or hurtful sentence of a teacher or fellow student is enough to prevent people their whole life from enjoying their own voice and using it in many ways. 

My experience showed me, that singing is a very powerful tool. It opens the heart, creates joy, helps to overcome fears and blocks, makes our energy system work and calms our mind. But it is even more: it’s a form of meditation, a way to connect with our own divinity and a very simple tool to destroy illusions.

I want to share my joy in singing with others and help people to become aware of their own voice again to enjoy its power. This is not about learning a new singing technique, but about rediscovering the happiness that lies in our own singing voice. 

Requirements for the participation at this workshop: none!

If you are afraid to sing – you are welcome!

If you like to sing – you are welcome!

If you have any blocks with singing – you are welcome!

If you want to feel the energy flowing through you, expressing itself through you when you sing – you are welcome!

If you are not sure but curious – you are welcome!

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016! You can already download the single ´I Saw the Light´ or order the whole Album in the presale, as a download or as a CD!Please support us with a Like on Christine´s Facebook page and also get a free Youtube abo. :) We also post regular updat...