Soul Café

Soul Café – the slightly different spiritual centre at the Wörthersee
Relaxation and energizing for heart and soul

Gerhard & Christine 
Resselweg 7, 9220 Velden, Austria
Mobile: 0699 81206833
E-mail address: info@magstrasser.at

Soul Café was founded as a meeting point for people, who approach their lives and fellow beings with open hearts and want to experience spirituality and everyday life as a harmonic union. We see our role as mediators and bridge between different teachings and paths and as support for reaching a higher consciousness and for inner growth in daily life. 

For that purpose we regularly offer events like Fire Pujas, talks, meditations, discussion groups, workshops and concerts. In addition we also offer energetical support.

Soul Café also has the purpose of linking people, who want to help in an uncomplicated and maybe unconventional manner to make this world a more harmonious and more beautiful place.

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016! You can already download the single ´I Saw the Light´ or order the whole Album in the presale, as a download or as a CD!Please support us with a Like on Christine´s Facebook page and also get a free Youtube abo. :) We also post regular updat...