Sponsoring and Updates 5th CD Project 2015/16


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Your Sponsorship - My new CD-project „I saw the Light"!

Christine Strasser - Singer/Songwriter


"Christine was born to create music. It's her great strength and her way of communication. With her songs she carries you into another world and reminds you of your own (world); it's a homecoming to your heart."


happy, touching, uplifting, relaxing, positive, heart-opening...

"Christine has the great talent to express her inner world in melodies and lyrics and transfer the energy into the songs. The melodies are light and uplifting, but the words reflect the deep wisdom of her life´s experiences. It is healing music touching the people with powerful messages on many levels."


My new CD...

 I am singer and songwriter with all my heart and I am currently working on my 5th CD with the title „I saw the Light".  It is an album with new English songs of mine, like my last CD: Now`s The Time (2011) 

Since I hadn't been able to concentrate on professional production and promotion, CD-sales and concerts happened in small settings.  


For my new CD I have bigger plans. I am working together with a successful producer who has 30 years of experience in the music business, so the songs will be radio-friendly. Moreover I want to promote the CD professionally and therefore reach more listeners. As an audio sample and video the first song of the CD is available.   


I saw the light Video


To realize this new project I am now looking for sponsors. The production of the CD will cost about 15.000 € gross.

For the cooperation I have thought about different options that I would like to present to you here:



Sponsorship modules optional:


♪      Purchase of CDs in pre-sale as complimentary gifts for clients

100 - 1.000 €

The purchase of a certain number of CDs in pre-sale and for the bargain price of 12 € gross per CD; a perfect complimentary gift for companies, who want their clients to take home something special.

♪      Song-Sponsor

800 €

Financing of a whole song. By request the company logo or name of sponsor can be printed in booklet

♪      Video-Signature

Starting at 2.000 € Presentation of your company logo in trailer of the video "I saw the Light".


♪      Exclusive CD-Sponsor

15.000 € Exclusive sponsoring of the whole CD: Company advertising in the booklet of the first 2000 CDs (double page), analogue und digital, exclusive CD-presentation for company and logo in trailer of the video "I saw the light".


♪      Exclusive Concert

 Starting at 500 €    Private/company concert (excl. expenses)


♪      Your Logo on Event Poster

Starting at 100 € Your company logo on the posters of one of my CD presentations in Velden/Wörthersee, Haus/Schladming im Ennstal, Bruck/Mur, Rijeka, Brünn, Wien...


♪      Patron and Benefactor

An arbitrary high support for the project "I saw the Light".


Of course I am open for further suggestions and ideas about funding from your side and I am looking forward to feedback. My goal for this CD is to reach many people, to touch many hearts and to inspire others with my joy of music, singing and the togetherness with open hearts.


Sincerely, Christine Strasser


Purchase order for sponsoring

of CD-Project „I saw the Light"!

Please fill out and send to me per Email (info@magstrasser.at) or mail

♪      Purchase of CDs in pre-sale as complimentary gifts for clients  

Number of CDs:________                               Amount in Euro:________€

♪      Song-Sponsor

Number of songs___                           Amount in Euro:________€

♪      Video-Signature

Video Signature                                                 Betrag in Euro: 2.000€


♪      Exklusiv CD-Sponsor                     

Exklusives Sponsoring der gesamten CD      Betrag in Euro: 15.000 €


♪      Exklusivkonzert

          Anzahl von Konzerten___                                Betrag in Euro: ab 500 € (exkl. Spesen)


♪      Ihr Logo auf dem Veranstaltungs-Plakat

Anzahl/Größe von Plakatsponsorings:___   Betrag in Euro: ab 100 €


♪      Förderer und Gönner

Beliebige Unterstützung                                   Betrag in Euro: _________€


♪      Gesamtbetrag                                                 _________€



(Name, Unterschrift)                                                                      (Ort, Datum)

Besten Dank!, Christine Strasser

Mag. Christine Strasser, Resselweg 7, 9220 Velden


Jeder Sponsor bekommt automatisch, die CD und das Video als Download zugesandt.



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