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Christine Strasser - I Saw The Light Radio Mix 2015 (Official Video HD)

This song is full of love, light, power and inspiration. It invites you to dance and sing along and tells you: Together we can change the world. With open hearts for each other everything is possible!


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Birthsong of Christine Strasser, 4th of August 2013

A few weeks before our daughter was born, 

I had the wish and inspiration to write a song for the birth which would empower me to face it with joy and serenity and to experience it consciously in all its divinity. So this song emerged and is supposed to be a gift to all of you as well, to be reminded of the miracle of life, and to support all expectant mothers and fathers to experience a natural birth in all its beauty.     

With love and gratitude     

Christine Strasser & Gerhard/Jayscee                      


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Christine Mag. Strasser Now\'s The Time CD-Sampler
Her latest album, beautiful soul poetry...2011
Now\'s The Time -- Christine, the way she is...

Christine: This CD is one of the most important highlights of my life. It is a dream come true, because for the first time in my life, music plays the role in my life that I always wanted it to have. Through Gerhard\'s enthusiasm and his faith in my music it was possible to realize this project -- without him there wouldn\'t even be one CD. The songs nearly wrote themselves mostly between March 2010 and August 2010. They were part of a deep transformation process I went through in this period of time. All in all this CD expresses well our energy towards life and can be seen as our vibrational business card -- until we release our next CD :-)!
Christine Mag. Strasser All For One CD-Sampler
All For One - her first professional and 3rd CD
2008 - 14 beautiful Bhajans (traditional spiritual songs from India) and some of Christine\'s own songs in English accompanied by many special instruments played by Austrian musician Gerhard Lipold -- with booklet (lyrics, 16 pages)
Christine Mag. Strasser: What do you need?

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016! You can already download the single ´I Saw the Light´ or order the whole Album in the presale, as a download or as a CD!Please support us with a Like on Christine´s Facebook page and also get a free Youtube abo. :) We also post regular updat...
Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!