About me

I see myself as a poet, philosopher and mystic - at least this is what I love most to devote myself to. My approach to life is a humorous one; I like to laugh about myself and about life. It makes me happy to help and serve others, but I am also someone who likes to enjoy life and the fruits of life and the earth. Good relationships with my family and friends are very important to me; and it is very possible that my time schedule gets messed up if I can make someone else happy instead. All in all I see myself as a very blessed and richly rewarded person and I want to express my gratitude towards life through the joyful work on myself and the sharing of my presents with others.

Childhood and education
I grew up at the beautiful lake Wörth (Wörthersee), which was very good for me as a (february-born) pisces.

With 16 I started to philosophize, to write diaries and poems and I started reading books about spirituality. I was very interested in world religions and especially in saints and prophets and their mental and spiritual roots.

After graduating from a technical school (HTL) and serving the obligatory months in the Austrian Armed Forces I started a technical study at the university in Graz, but I soon found out that it was of no interest to me and so I changed to study educational science choosing topics that would satisfy my thirst for knowledge and bring forth my talents. So besides the classes in education I also took classes in philosophy, German studies, psychology and languages (English, Italian, Japanese and Spanish) and I browsed enthusiastically through the literary treasures of the university, learning - amongst other things - about forgotten Indian knowledge from books that are not even printed any more. So my longing for India and the ancient Indian wisdom, the Yogis and healing possibilities grew stronger and stronger.

In 2001 I finally got my master of philosophy and was able to devote myself completely to the adventure India.


But before I married my greatest love and best friend Christine. She changed my life since 1993 in the most beautiful and unbelievable way. She brought so much happiness, easiness and grounding into my pisces-being that I could henceforth really enjoy my life and dedicate myself to the development of my talents. Finally a person who understood me and was able to accept me the way I was!

In India I learned ancient knowledge, meditation- and healing processes, explanations about human life and nature, souls and hearts. I also got to know myself - sometimes more intensively and closely than I preferred :-). But this is exactly the beauty of life - to discover and learn to love the unknown and utilize it for the common good.

After getting my spiritual PH.D. in India I returned to Austria in 2010, to be there for those people who want to find themselves, who want to help themselves and others and work together for a better world.

With love

Gerhard - „Jayscee"*

*my spiritual name, which I use since 2002


Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016!

Christine´s new album will be released in spring 2016! You can already download the single ´I Saw the Light´ or order the whole Album in the presale, as a download or as a CD!Please support us with a Like on Christine´s Facebook page and also get a free Youtube abo. :) We also post regular updat...