Fan\'s Voices

After finishing our CD „Now’s the Time“, we asked friends for a first feedback. These are parts of the Emails that came back to us:

Hi C, it\'s so nice to hear you singing your songs...really beautiful, congratulations on moving into who you are in this life.  I would say that you are who you are and there is nobody else but you who exists in this world like you.  And your voice and music say it all my dear.
Raju, Canada

Your music in general sounds very hopeful. Sometimes I feel sad and I®m afraid of different things.... It encourages me to never give up and have an open mind. 
Eva, Brno/Czech Republic

It®s so touching and healing because you sing the Truth. I completely  love it. I am so happy to have such tool to feel in the divine flow,,, Thank you from my heart, you really do amazing beautiful job. :)))... I tell you girl, your music is very powerful.

My dear, all the songs are touching me most profoundly

In general I would say that you have a big special talent, Christine. The songs are so deep with huge energy inside, with so much wisdom and love. I was totally connected to your heart, to God, to myself, to the Love and Truth. I felt it, understood it perfectly and enjoy it with your beautiful voice and guitar. For me it was beautiful awakening experience and I can®t wait to come to your concert!! :-))
Zuzana, Czech Republic


Live your Life seminar series

Since summer 2013 I am offering my self-created seminars to help people to get in their own power, happiness and contenment and finally to their self-mastery. It´s about the big questions of life, self realization and awareness, and handling of (self-crea...
Live your Life seminar series