What is NadaBrahma Voice Analysis?

NadaBrahma Voice Analysis combines ancient knowledge and modern science. NadaBrahma was first mentioned in the Vedas, the ancient Indian scriptures, and describes the effects of sound and music on human beings. 

As quantum physics confirms the whole universe is nothing but sound – and everyone and everything has their own specific sound. The voice (speaking voice) shows, what vibration is dominant in a person and NadaBrahma calls that specific sound fundamental tone which can be described as the essential and individual vibration. But there are also a number of side tones which altogether form a vibrational fingerprint. 

Vemu Mukunda (1929-2000) rediscovered this ancient wisdom and in years of research developed the Voice Analysis. Friedrich Leitner studied with him and developed Mukundas insights further. 

In numerous voice analyses he proved the accuracy of this method and saw the benefits of the keynote-exercise to strengthen one’s essence and come in tune with oneself. 

The image of the voice offers a clear picture of a person’s qualities, strengths and weaknesses as each tone expresses certain qualities. The Voice Analysis can be used in various ways and be a valuable tool to find one’s essence or calling, to discover disturbances and generate balance and harmony. The exercise with the fundamental tone strengthens a person’s individual vibration, generates self healing and helps to unfold unused potential and dissolve blocks. 

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