Finding your fundamental tone

Everybody’s voice is unique like a fingerprint. What is your fundamental tone and personal vibration? Are you a G, a C or maybe an F major…?

Every person has an individual fundamental tone and a number of side tones, which can be determined through the speaking voice by a trained voice analyst. 

Your own fundamental tone is also the frequency of your own healing vibration. It can help you to reach harmony and balance and strengthen your inner being, your talents and your uniqueness. Strengthening your vibration also helps every cell of your body and supports your health and vitality. Your talents and potential can manifest in your life more powerfully. 

The determination of your fundamental tone and practicing the according exercise are simple, but very effective tools to get closer to your true destiny and live a fulfilled life. 

Your fundamental tone is determined once in your life in two steps:
  1. Keynote-determination with individual exercise-CD: € 80,- (duration about  45 Min. – 1 hour)
  2. Follow-up after 4-8 weeks € 40,-

Very important: To prepare for the appointment with your voice analyst please pay attention to the following requirements: 2 hours before the appointment don’t eat, sleep or exercise extensively (no sport), half an hour before the meeting be in silence (don’t talk and don’t listen to conversations or music). At the appointment silent salutation! 

For appointments or further information please write an Email to info@magstrasser.at or call 0699 81206833 or 0680 2402550.


Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft

Wir haben einen gemeinnützigen Verein gegründet - Verein für Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft - der viel Positives bewirken soll und auch Euch viele Möglichkeiten bieten wird.   Er soll uns unsere Arbeit für die Menschen erleichtern und Größeres ermöglichen.   ...
Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft