My first Solo-Concert, my first CD-presentation

Yesterday, on the 22nd of September, I had my first CD-presentation in Salzburg. It was a very special event for me, because it was my very first concert with my own music, playing and singing on my own. It is also the beginning of a new chapter in my life – my life as a musician. Since I was a small child I was dreaming of this moment; I prepared well for this event and we all had a good time together.

We sat outside in the inner courtyard of a hotel with beautiful soft lighting and Gerhard did a great job setting up the technical equipment – everything worked well and we enjoyed spending a musical evening together.

After the last song, friends presented me with a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers and I was happy. So that’s what it feels like to live your dream, to be inside your dream…

How blessed am I to have so many people supporting me to live my passion – especially my amazing husband and my family and friends! And of course not to forget the organizers and the audience... a big THANKS to all of you!!!

Day after tomorrow we continue in Czech Republic with more concerts. I am looking forward to it and will report once we get back...until then, all the best wishes!


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