We are very happy to welcome you on our homepage. 

What you’ll find here are some extraordinary possibilities – tools that influenced us in surprising ways, enriched our lives and can also give your life a new direction – to experience more joy, ease, clarity and self awareness, contentment and success. 

Each life can be an inspiring expression of the talents and energy within each individual – that which make us unique and at the same time an essential part of the big picture… We see our task in living our purpose, radiate nourishing energy and living healthy relationships.  

What fascinates & inspires us and what we love: (more info...)
  • Music
    Music is magic; the whole universe and every one of us is nothing but sound and music has the highest influence on our wellbeing on every level. It is an essential part of us, a way to discover the secrets of life. Our CDs are an expression of the attempt to understand the mysteries of our existence. 
  • NadaBrahma-Voice Analysis
    It combines ancient knowledge of the Vedas and modern science and offers the possibility to discover your own frequency, your own fundamental sound, to use it for self healing and also to learn more about talents, strengths and weaknesses through the image of your voice and use this knowledge to give your life a new direction.
  • Ancient wisdom from India
    What the Indian sages discovered thousands of years ago about the energy mechanisms of creation is still valid today and can be applied practically in our everyday lives. A big part of our work is connected with this ancient spiritual wisdom, which we studied for years in India. We share it in workshops, lectures and discussion groups. 
  • Vaastu
    Every place, every house, has its own specific energy which influences the people living there in a positive or negative way. Vedic architecture teaches us how to use the power of the elements in our living- and workspace to support us, so we don’t have to swim against the current. 
  • Philosophical conversations and self healing
    In philosophical conversations and energy transmissions we share what is hard to express in words – the energy that can bring new light into our lives and change our hearts and our perception of the world. 
Maybe we’ll meet soon – at one of our concerts, at a workshop or a personal conversation.  

Best wishes to you,

Christine und Gerhard (Jayscee)


Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft

Wir haben einen gemeinnützigen Verein gegründet - Verein für Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft - der viel Positives bewirken soll und auch Euch viele Möglichkeiten bieten wird.   Er soll uns unsere Arbeit für die Menschen erleichtern und Größeres ermöglichen.   ...
Unser neuer Verein: Herzensweisheit, Bewusstsein und Seelenkraft